Oct 3, 2002
Looking at the dollars and sense (or lack thereof) of this.....

Ski lift ticket = $50 or so for all day and there are hundreds of people that do it on a daily basis. Might be open 4-6 months max.

Riding park = $15 (at least around here) on 400 acres. I've never been there but I can't imagine it being anywhere near as well attended as a ski slope. BUT this place rides 12 months out of the year, weather permitting.

In my neck of the woods, there's quite a bit of free roaming land on which to ride as well as 3-4 'parks' and probably 6 tracks w/in an hours drive.

I figure you'd have to have 'events' to draw spectators as well as riders to make it profitable. In addition to buying the land, you'd need equipment to groom, public facilities, and of course insurance.

Marketing the place is what would make or break it. Leasing it to a big city riding club might be a thought. Camping, corn mazes, hay wagon rides and other things could also be offered to generate more income. 200-400 acres requires too much of an investment to just rely on motorcycling alone as a means to generate income.

It could and does work in certain areas with certain operators that are determined to make it go. But just like any other endeavor in life, there are a lot of failures for every success.
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