State(CA) Wants to Use Our OHV Funds-Help Stop It!


Mar 20, 2001
Please read the following very carefully and send the letter !! Remember, hand written letters in your own words are most powerful, but copying this and sending it is better than nothing.

Don't let your legislators balance the California State Budget on the backs of Motorized Off Road Recreationists.
We have until June 15 to write letters to combat the pilfering of the OHV Fund by the Budget Committee. Please copy and sign the letter, including your address after your signature, or, you may reword the letter to your own liking.

Send your letters here, to CLORV. This is very important since these letters are my ammunition for when I meet with the Committee. Be sure to address them to Assemblyman Cardenas (the address is on the letter alreasdy) but mail them to CLORV. The address is

1014 11th Street, Suite 140
Sacramento, CA 95814

You deadline is June 15. You may email a copy of the letter if you like but be sure to include your mailing address. Snail mail, however, is preferred.

Copy and paste the letter below- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Assemblyman Tony Cardenas June 5, 2001
Chair, Joint Budget Conference Committee
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814

Subject: SB 75 (State Budget) Oppose unless amended.

Dear Assemblyman Cardenas:

Section 25.20 of SB 75, the State Budget Bill, provides for the transfer of money from several specific funds into the General Fund to make up a presumed short fall in State revenue next year. Included among the funds targeted is the Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) trust fund. I am writing to personally oppose this action.

Historically, this fund has been “raided” on several occasions when the state budget needed to be “balanced”. On two prior occurrences, when the OHV fund was raided, separate lawsuits were filed and the State was forced to repay the OHV fund.
This fund consists entirely of user gasoline taxes and licensing fees imposed solely on OHV recreationalist’s off-road vehicles. It is wrong for the state to raid this trust fund while at the same time funding unnecessary and unneeded programs as are proposed in the current budget.

The money in the OHV fund is used for protection of the state’s natural resources and for law enforcement purposes, while providing OHV family recreation opportunities. Any loss from this fund will directly impact the ability of the State Parks Department to properly manage its OHV resources.

If this proposed action is determined to be absolutely necessary, rather than transferring the money to the General Fund, as proposed by SB 75, resulting in the OHV community having to resort to legal action for its return, I ask that you comply with California Vehicle Code section 38225(D) which requires that the funds be treated as a loan.

Thank you very much for your assistance in this matter.



Jun 12, 2000
Done. Thanks KTMRad. I wasn't tracking this. I know Tony (via other energy related issues) and hopefully our letters will make a difference. In case no one else has commented on your zeal with this forum, please accept my sincere gratitude.


Jan 27, 2000
Thanks KTMrad. I would also like to thank you for your efforts here on the land forum. As you can see, we have about 7900 people here on DRN and only about a handful that really care enough to visit the land forum.

I have been involved with land issues for a very long time. I feel it is the most important issue facing us at this time. Most people don't really care until their favorite area or track gets closed down. Then it is too late.

I would like to see a feature where everyone would have to read what is on the land fourm before going to any of the other forums. I know that would never happen because most people would just go someplace else, but, somthing needs to be done.

Thanks again for your efforts.
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