Stick onTemp strips


Don't know exactly where to post this, but Here it is, I was wondering if the stick on temperature indicators work well. Or if i save up for a infered type sensor i can mount on the handle bars. I have always been a fan of some sort of temp gauge so i dont toast my engine. Car or Bike.


i have both the sticker ones and an elctronic one (part of the trail tech Vapor speedo/tach unit) both work well. i payed 5 bucks for 3 of the stickers


Why spend that much on a temp strip. All you have to do is see if it is spewing coolant from the overflow hoses and thats how you know it is overheating. If it doesn't do that, it is operating at normal temperatures...


A little warning before you start losing coolant is nice, but what mmz77 said is correct. It seems dirt bikes run at pretty low cooling system pressures. If your bike is spewing coolant, figure then engine is about 220 degrees F.