May 17, 2000
anyone have the stock jetting specs for a 1990 Honda cr 250? Jet sizes and clip position, air screw setting,etc.,,Im trying to fix a friends bike , he changes plugs 3-4 times in a day!!?? crazy!! fouls them on low to mid throttle range, when he is on the pipe good it seems ok, tight woods are killing him! trying to get it in the ballpark then dial it in, or look elsewhere for the problem thanks for any help craig williams jax fl.


Sep 4, 2003
i had a '91 and the settings for stock jetting were R1369NS needle in #3 position 175 main , #55 pilot. the '90 used r1370ns needle. i ran the '90 needle, 172 main, 52 pilot. I ran the clip in the leanest position. this was at 32 to 1 premix and hot humid weather and pump gas.

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