Nov 14, 1999
I put the Stroker racing dual sport quiet tip on my WR250 a few weeks ago and was reasonably pleased with the results. It did not muffle the noise as much as I had hoped, but knocked it down to an acceptable level for closed course riding. I wouldn't try to pass it through an enduro sound check as I would guess it to be at 98dbs.

Powerwise, it still allowed the bike to breath very well until I changed the exhaust cam timing to YZF spec. Then it seemed to be running a tad rich on the bottom with a very lazy midrange. Took the Stroker tip out and the bike flat ripped...very linear power that builds to the redline.

I like the YZ timing alot but still want to hush it down a bit. Any suggestions? Does the Vortip do this to a YZ spec motor?

Thump on!
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