Suggestion For A Non-starter

Apr 10, 2016
I got a 99 KDX 220R. It won't start. Here's the quick history, I replaced the stock piston after it 'gernaded' on me. It sent small shrapnel down the motor but no major damage done (that I could see), removed most of the pieces and put it back together. Started up first kick! Drove it up the block to a friends and turned it off with the kill switch. Went to take off and it wouldn't start. Got it home and started checking things, found out I had no spark. Bad spark plug. Put a new spark plug in it and wham-O, now it's sparking nicely. Still won't start. WTF. Took the carb out, cleaned out the jets, put her back together and still won't start. I can check compression again, but I'm pretty sure it's still good. There's spark now too. And the plug is wet. Any suggestions? Thanks for the help.
- a d v e r t i s e m e n t -