suggestions on XR400 gearing for dual sport


Feb 28, 2001
Looking for suggestions for gearing up my 97 XR400. It now has stock gearing I believe, 15/45. It is too low. Also, I will son be buying the Baja Designs D/S kit, anyone have suggestions for items to leave of the kit in order to bring the price down?
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Mar 4, 2000
I think the 45 is ok but if you are needing to hit hwy. speeds, you need to buy the largest front that you can find (be sure you have the clearance inside the cover). I am guessing you can probably use a 17.... you will have to research on your favorite parts warehouse sites... The 45 is a good size because it allows you to interchange your 15 (or smaller ) for dirt\hills and when need geared for trips you can change to the larger front. In either case, the 45 is not too extreme.


Aug 5, 2001
I would try to find a 16T front sprocket. A 17T seems like a big step, it might not leave much for bottom end power/acceleration. Good luck.


Jun 27, 2000
I had geared mine down for the tight woods, big mistake when I hit the highway as I was always looking for more gears. I can't be much help there.

As for the dual sport kit; I just purchased the bare necessities to get through an inspection. All from Baja Designs and they were very helpful. Mine came with a dual element bulb in the back light so on a 97 you would need to purchase that in addition to the below:

hydraulic switch for brake light ($20-$30)
new socket/assembly for stock headlight. not sure what it's called, but it is where the bulb mounts into. They'll sell you this part and all you'll then need to do is buy a hi/lo bulb and plug into it. socket - $20, bulb - $15
hi/lo switch. I bought the one from the kit. $30
mirror - $15 (doesn't come with the kit anyway)
horn $20 - $30. They have one that runs off a 9-volt battery.

Total - ~$140.

One item the above is missing is the license plate light that is usually built into the brake light. You can get a whole new brake light either the same as in the kit ($35) or a smaller one that looks like the one on mid-eighties XR's that has the license plate light built in ($15). I just bought a license plate light that is for a trailer ($2) and mount in under the fender at inspection time. I don't ride at night anyway.

I wanted to do this not only for cost but to keep the bike looking stock. It was easier to put together than the kit as well. If you decide to go this route, e-mail me if you need help.

As for the tires, a good dremmel tool to neatly file the "NOT FOR HIGHWAY USE" from the side of the tire.

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