Sunday at Gladwin

Jun 30, 2009
My son and I returned to Gladwin yesterday. It was so much better than last Wedesday. The trails were well beyond 70% clear. What remained was a little tricky, but nothing to serious. With the snow pack just melting, the normal sandy conditions were not an issue. A good rain (slated for this week) should really pack it down. As is typical of Gladwin there were some very muddy areas. We rode the ORV loop and had a great time. Most of the day was spent south of M-61, but we did venture briefly to the north side and saw much the same conditions. There weren't very many quads, but quite a few bikers, with more arriving as we left. The weather this week should only improve the trail conditions, making next weekend even better! It ain't single-track, but it sure is fun riding!

We also enjoyed meeting one of DRN's members up there for the first time. Kraemerf, enjoyed meeting you and your son, and thanks for the info on the bike!