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Mar 20, 2001
It will only take 30 seconds for you to show your support to the farmers and ranchers in the
Klamath Basin who have lost their water and about to lose their livelihoods due to the ESA (Endangered Species Act), which
needs to be reformed.
A small newspaper in Northern California, the Pioneer Press, is compiling a Virtual Bucket Brigade
to show support for the local farmers and ranchers. There is NO COST to be added to the list. It
is absolutely FREE. Your e-mail and address will not be published or made public.

If you support farmers and ranchers and want to help SAVE RURAL AMERICA please send your
name and city to:

The response so far has been overwhelming, but the newspaper needs to hear from more.

LIST. Thank you for your help and may God bless you for your support. (if you've already
forwarded this message, please do so again as some had troubles with the e-mail address

The following editorial appeared in the Pioneer Press this week, along with the first batch of
thousands of names:

Pioneer Press, Fort Jones, CA, Page A11, Column 3, May 16, 2001

Words from Webster
By Daniel Webster

Twenty months ago, the Pioneer Press published a shocking special opinion report linking Felice
Pace's Klamath Forest Alliance (KFA) to one of the most outrageous extreme environmental plans
for our area.

Our report linked KFA and The Wildlands Project's asinine plan to re-wild our area and eliminate
cars and human interaction. The reaction to our report was crazier than the plan itself. Felice's
supporters called me a hate monger and accused my newspaper of trying to destroy the morale of
the area and hurt Felice and his family.

What seemed ludicrous to many 20 months ago, appears to be the case today. Felice's true agenda
is becoming more and more clear.

He and his organization have been instrumental in taking away the farmers' and ranchers' water in
the Klamath Basin. What he has done there, he may do to you.

At what point will you wake up?

I look back to those who made the most noise and so ardently supported Felice 20 months ago.
Do these people, who purport to be thinking individuals, not think through the fact that if our
population of ranchers and farmers are eliminated, jobs within our schools, doctors’ offices and
county government go as well?

When Carrie Hayden came up with the idea for the Virtual Bucket Brigade, none of us realized
what it would mushroom into.


Nearly 7,000 folks and businesses have submitted names to us for our list... and they keep coming
in - in droves.

When our e-mail was inundated with the first wave of names, I sat down and became a little choked
up as I saw the massive support from literally around the world for our farmers and ranchers.
What joy to see the phenomenal outpouring of hope and encouragement.

We must no longer stay silent and allow a few extremists with a whacked out agenda to push their
desires through.

Today is the day for the REAL environmentalists to be heard. Today is the day that those who
support the REAL environmentalists - the farmers and ranchers - must be heard.

Add your name to the list, if you haven’t done so already, and then ask five friends or family
members if you can add their names as well.

Send your name and city to:

Pioneer Press
P.O. Box 400
Fort Jones, CA 96032

(530) 468-5355

FAX: (530) 468-5356


-Daniel Webster, Editor and Publisher, Pioneer Press

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