Nov 25, 2000
Nobody is responding because there are so many threads on this previously, but I will save you the search. BTW I am racing in Mesquite this weekend if you happen to be going there. Don't cut your slide for this setup or it won't work.
30 pilot, S-4 Nozzle from Tom Morgan racing in Havasu. and 430 main, needle 2nd clip.
Everything else is stock, it rips and runs clean. I raced all summer in 110 degrees @ 1800ft ran perfect. When I went to higher elevation (5000) I just put my stock 420 main in and ran great.
We used this setup on at least 10 CR's here and every body had great results!


Sep 6, 2001
I ride a 01' CR500 with FMF Gnarly pipe and Power Core II silencer, and I run the stock jetting. I use Trick gas (100 octane) with Golden Spectro 32:1. My bike runs perfect, never fouled a plug and instant power the second I need it. One funny thing is my plugs are usually a little oily and dark which would indicate a rich condition.

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