Jul 1, 2006
I have a 93 CR500 that I ride in the desert and Rocky Mountains, along with some track time every now and then. But here's the thing.....I am not happy with the suspension at all. My 03 RM250 is easier to ride and handles the terrain better. It's not that I'm and Suzuki guy, it's that I've seen a few bikes with RM forks on the CR. Specifically the 96-98 Conventionals. Something that will perform better than the 90s Honda/SHOWA junk.

I do plan to find a newer CR shock (95-2001 CR500 or steel 250/125) with the hi/lo speed adjuster. Hopefully I can match the front and rear for balanced performance.

Here's my quandary….I found a complete set of SFFs (forks and tree) from a 13 RMZ250 locally. Should I keep looking for the old Conventionals or snap up the SFFs??

Either way I don't think it's much work to graft them onto the CR is it??