Oct 31, 2000
Hi - just a quick question regarding suspension linkeage (Husky125). I got everything stripped down and now have three 15-20mm width steel bolts sitting in front of me ready for reassembly. These bolts are solid and heavy. Can I drill them out (5mm hole longways through the bolt) to save a bit of weight, without affecting their strength? Thanks for any advice...


Aug 2, 2000
I don't think it would be a good idea to lighten them.

First of all, if Husky thought they could be lighter I'm sure they would have done it for you.

Second, if one of them were to break while you are riding you could have a bad crash. Not good.:eek:

On a related note; I knew a guy who took just a "little" off the threaded end of his front axel so that he could install a speedo drive on a MX bike. First enduro with his modification he was about five miles into the event crossing a high speed pasture when the axel snapped. :( He lived but you don't want to dublicate his actions.


Apr 30, 2001
I agree with Layton Leave it alone, It would be very difficult to drill perfectly center through entire bolt. Think what could happen if this bolt was to break!:scream:
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