Nov 18, 2003
How much would it be to lower a 2004 WR250F about 3 inch's, revalve, respring and do all new fluids? I would of course go with MX-tech. I am of short stature and am looking at getting back into the sport. This happens to be one of my choices, i am just trying to figure out if it's worth it to go this route.... thank you

terry hay

Nov 8, 2003
Jeremy's such a nice guy and seeing as how your a DRN member... I'm thinking 40 - 50 bucks tops!
Seriously - I don't know how much they would charge but if it means you'll have more confidence in the bike and get more enjoyment out of it then it has to be worth it.
At my shop that work would cost around $900 Australian Appr. $700 US


May 16, 2002
WM3, Like the Elec start do ya?That would be a great bike if it werent so tall for some of the shorter riders. A local fellow in my Enduro club races a TTR 250 and really likes it but its heavier then most. Hes also got a KDX 200 and an EXC 250 but the fun factor is high on the lower bike esp in rocks. Im sure MX TECH can do your WR stuff correctly and they have a really good yamaha setup. The numbers Terry gave sound like a ballpark figure but the main thing youll want to do is have it modified so its able to be changed back at resale time.Im sure MXT uses travel limiters . You dont really want someone cutting the damper rods or shock shaft which Ive seen people do in past, some think its easier but theyre wrong. And youll probably need new springs also because when you cut them down their rate will go up and the bike will be shorter but stiffer and less plush. Too bad theres not much room to trim the seat foam on the new Yams , Weve been there and done that with alot of junior riders stepping off the 80cc bikes. Good Luck


Feb 3, 2000
I can tell you from experience that Jeremy and his company do an excellent job. I was extremely pleased with the work he had done for me on my 00 YZ426. I was like you...just getting back into the sport... and I had been riding a worn out 92 KX250 with a very soft suspension.

I would have to agree that Terry's estimate is correct. Maybe less, maybe more but if you are going to have it done then you have to go with MX-Tech. Quick, professional and courteous. I never had any problems either.

I kept the bike this way for about a year and a half. Then I felt a lot more secure on the bike and decided to switch back to the normal height. For that, I consulted Jeremy again because he was obviously the guy with the needed info.

Jeremy could also fill you in on your options, maybe there is another way to achieve what you are wanting.

Good luck.


Aug 5, 2003
I wanted to lower the seat height on my '01 YZ426 but didn't want to give up any suspension travel. I ended up lowering the subframe by ovaling out the lower mounting holes about 5mm. In addition, I removed about an inch of foam from my seat. Seeing as I spend most of my time standing, I figure the tradoff is well worth it. There are several factory riders that go this route ( RC anyone?) so if it works for them....When I was thru, the seat height was almost two inches lower than the stock 39.3 inches, 37.5 to be exact. I'm going to add a holeshot device to lower it even more on starts.
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