Mar 23, 2001
Im an experienced rider with very little experience in setting up my own suspensions. I'm 6'1" and weigh 230. I wish that my susepnsion was a little stiffer in the whoops in sand a little tougher on the landings. (I know lose weight and give the suspension a break) but without giving up my lavish lifestyle and Pork Rinds how should I try to stiffen the ride?:think


Apr 22, 2001
If you set your race sag to 4", your free sag should be between .39" to .98". Once the race sag is set, if the free sag is less than .39", then the shock is too soft for you. The stock XR650R's stock shock is designed for the average ungeared rider of 165 lbs. At 230, you definitely need stiffer shock and springs. Check out, the shock cost around $89. I forgot how much springs cost, but your shock is the more important of the two. For more info on setting up your race sag, check out

Concerning the diet, try switching to Jack In the Crack, much healthier :)
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