Suspension setup for a 240 lbs. rider


Jun 4, 2001
I have a 97 RM125 and all components of the suspension are stock and are at factory settings. I recently had a makeshift motocross track constructed on my back lot. The largest jump is about 4 feet high and I only land about 20 feet from the top of the jump (approaching the jump at low to mid rpms in 3rd gear, if its of any relevance). This being the largest jump, I'm obviously not having any difficulties with my suspension. However, I am wanting to increase the jump height to about 6 or 7 feet (with no landing ramps) and would like to achieve a distance between 40 and 50 feet. I am 6' 3" and weigh 240 lbs. so I'm assuming that my stock suspension (or at least its current settings) will not be adequate for jumps of that size. Am I correct in this assumption? If so, what modifications do I need to have done and how much will they cost? When I perform the suggested balance test in my bike's manual (between front and rear suspension) by standing to the side of the bike and firmly applying pressure to the footpeg, the rear of the bike collapses much farther than the front. The manual indicates that the front and rear ends should collapse equally on a properly balanced bike. Also, in a review of my particular bike in a Dirt Rider magazine, the rear suspension was rated as being too soft. So, I'm thinking along the lines of replacing the rear spring with one of a higher spring rate and possibly tinkering with the compression damping on the rear shock. If I'm on the completely wrong track, please let me know. Any response, however brief, would be great.


May 20, 2001
You will need stiffer springs at both ends and probably suspension revalving if you start getting really aggressive.


Apr 22, 2000
Race Tech can give you a baseline suspension setup on their web site
You input your specific bike, body mass, ability and riding style, etc and it spits out the suggected spring rates, oil heights, clicker settings, etc. for your bike.

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