Suspension Tuning

Sep 29, 2003
Well, going into week 4 on my 1990 kdx200 redo and so far all is well. The jetting is right, installed new pipe mounts and numerous gaskets, new chain and sprockets, front and rear brake pads(and bleeding)....Now trying to dial in the suspension. Still don't have the shop manual. A couple of questions: 1) Is adjusting the fork damping as simple as removing the cap nut from the bottom of the fork and turning an adjustment screw?? 2) Do you just turn the screw at the top of the nitrogen reservoir to change compression damping(I'm guessing that controls how easily the rear end deflects off bumps?) and the rebound(how quick it comes back?) is adjusted at the bottom left of the shock with a flat head screw driver? Any pictures you could post would be extreemly helpful. This is a great resource. Thanks for everyones help!!