Suspension Write Up - Jer's work on trial

Ivan Liechty

Aug 18, 1999
Jer did my front and rear. He put stiffer springs for my lard butt both front and rear.

I was worried at first about it b/c I have heard differing stories on whether or not I needed stiffer springs since I do a good bit of HS. However, I am doing more and more MX lately so I just told Jer to do what he thinks is best. I wanted him to do what he felt was best since he is the expert and I'm just a moron.

Here are the highlights:
  • Suspension definately is stiffer but doesn't feel it.
  • Bike handles jumps much differently. It feels plusher then before. Before I'd hit a large object and the suspension would work well but I'd feel it in my legs and arms when I cam up short. Now it feels softer. I watched a video of me jumping and I was bottoming the suspension but I never knew it. The bike absorbs the entire impact, no jerky motion or reaction at all.
  • I feel lighter on the bike. That is the best I can describe it. I just feel lighter.
  • Bike corners better at 95mm sag then 100mm. I tried variations between 95mm and 105mm. 95mm felt the best for my 6' 220lb (with gear) frame.

On the trails the bike handles the ruts and roots ok. I have more control over the bike in turns and it sticks like glue to berms. However, it still is somewhat rough on the roots and rocks. My previous WR handled the slow rough stuff better but couldn't handle the bigger jumps with my lard butt.

Keep in mind the section that it was rough at had footpeg deep ruts with roots and rocks in the middle and it was hard pack clay so nothing gave at all and I was sitting on my arse.

Next time I ride the woods I'm going to go softer front and rear by 4 - 6 clicks on the compression and see how it handles then. I really think that will do the trick.

On the smooth trails that were about 4 wheeler width the bike was PERFECTO!!! The rocks and roots were gobbled up without a glitch on the fast trails where I was in 3rd gear and buzzing.

On the track I couldn't believe how comfortable I was. I was jumping so much more then I have ever jumped before. It was really, really AWESOME. I will now be doing more MX b/c I feel comfortable for the most part (with the exception of 35 footers and up). The guys at TNT that know me were asking me what has gotten into me. They have never seen me jump as much.

Too bad Gomer didn't ride Sunday. He would have seen me clear a double, step-up combo and a downhill drop off double. I cleared them and was hollering at my riding partner b/c I was so damn excited.

I believe this suspension is going to be very kind to my differing terrain. Just a few clicks here and a few clicks there and the bike is ready for any condition. Right out of the box from Jer it is a happy medium and loves the track.

If I have any complaints at all it is that I had to ship my suspension. I am so nervous when I ship anything.

Jer's staff were great everytime I called. Tracy was really nice when I had a question and Jer went above and beyond to get me what I wanted. We had an accident with the needle bearings and he personally picked up the phone and called me to explain what happened and make sure I was satisfied. I was impressed.

As a mod I guess you guys knew I'd like his suspension but honestly, I wasn't sure if I would. This turned out very nice.

I definately recommend his work. I am very anal when it comes to my bike and only trust a few people to work on it. Eric Gorr, Tuner, Gomer (well, as long as I'm supervising) and Rich are the only ones up till now. Jer is now among them.

Trust me though, it is only a coincidence that they are mods. Eric did my old bike before he was a frequent part of DRN and Tuner and Gomer have been helping me with odds and end before DRN was a twinkle in Okie's eye.

Ivan Liechty
A#1 Annoyance
'01 YZ250F "Piglet"
Spartanburg, SC

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