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Aug 8, 2013
I bought a 2000 kx 250. I'm a short rider so i have the sag adjusted about as far as it will go for me to touch properly. I softened all the other clickers. I dont know any thing about adjusting suspension. So is what i did to the bike bad?? Also how do you adjust preload??

High Lord Gomer

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Sep 26, 1999
The preload on the rear shock determines the static sag of the rear.

If you adjusted the clickers on all of the suspension settings by turning them counterclockwise, it lessens the damping effect they have. It will both compress *and* rebound more easily. That can be a dangerous combination.

I would return everything to stock settings and proceed from there.

I'll move this to the suspension area and see if I can dig up some old posts about settings for those just learning how to adjust suspensions (I'm one of those, too).
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Aug 8, 2013

I'm a short rider so i shaved my seat and put as much sag in the bike as i could. Leaving about a inch of threads left to lock the washers on the shock. Is this alright????
Sep 13, 2001
First, I am not an expert. But, here goes.

Having the sag set correctly for your weight is important for the bike to work it's best. To soft or to stiff is not good. Having said that, many of us have a difficult time knowing what difference it makes.

The harder you push your bike, the more difference this makes. Some people like more sag than others, so having (some) extra sag may be ok for you.

You can also move the forks up in the triple clamps to compensate for extra sag. The more the forks are raised, the 'twichier' the bike becomes. It tends to carve sharper corners, but also looses straight line stability.

Adjusting the clickers really does nothing for seat height. The clickers adjust compression and rebound when the forks/shock is compressed (as in riding it). The clickers should be adjusted to suit your style and needs. You don't want the bike to bottom out hard, but you also do not want it deflecting off of rocks, roots, bumps in corners, etc.

Now, I have a friend who is height impaired. He uses a log or rock to stand on to start the bike. He then slides his butt to the left or right to steady the bike for take off. If he falls or stalls after that, he looks for something to stand on to help out. We never ride alone, so if nothing is available, I will help him out.

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Mar 8, 2008
That apart the pre load is not to set up the height of the bike. For a rider its more important to ride than to get a foot on the ground.
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Sep 3, 2001
Regarding spring preload make sure there is still some compression on the spring when your bike is on a center stand...otherwise parts may get damaged