Aug 8, 2001
this was on Cycle News home page....
When Italy's Milan Show - the world's largest motorcycle convention - opened early this week, word quickly spread that there was a trick new Suzuki four-stroke motocrosser on display. If this were true, it would be an amazing example of flying below the radar, as no one had even suspected Suzuki of having such a bike ready, a marked contrast to all of the discussion of Honda's CRF450R before the existence of that bike was even officially acknowledged by its manufacturer. Intrigued, we contacted one of our Italian contributors - Mario Candellone - who typically follows the World Championship Trials Series for us, and asked him to check it out.
As it turns out, the bike that started the rumors is not produced by Suzuki, but instead by Italian aftermarket company Valenti Racing (www.valentiracing.com), who apparently wasn't patient enough to wait for Suzuki. Valenti starts with a DR-Z400 engine, then boosts capacity to 434cc. As for the chassis, it appears to be quite similar to that of an RM250, but Candellone reports that while the bodywork does indeed come from that bike, it actually has several components that are even more trick than those found on that two-stroke motocrosser. For example, the silencer is made from titanium, the tank and filter are carbon fiber, the swingarm is modified, and there's a 47mm Showa inverted fork. Claimed dry weight is 247 pounds, and price is said to be around $9000
Go to http://www.cyclenews.com/ShowStory.asp?HeadlineID=2527 to see a picture... boy are things goin too 4 strokes fast!!! IM SCARED my bumblebee is going too be out of date in a year!!


Aug 22, 2000
Aw, c'mon, BBR figured out how to make the DRZ as fast as the YZF last year. Rich Taylor raced it a few times before someone spotted the "yamaha" logo on the engine.


Feb 11, 2000
i know, i know, its not an atv related site but...one of the top pro's in (atv)motocross is running a beefed drz motor in a honda based chassis and doing quite well.
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