suzuki rm250 2005

Apr 20, 2014
having bought a 05 rm250 I have a few questions. after warming up I took the bike up the road where it hesitated and wouldn't rev out. on my return journey it cleared and was off like a rocket. the bottom/midrange was very impressive from the get go, just the reluctance to rev out. ive only rridden twice but ive noticed it does it after its been ridden at low revs or when you open it to wot for the first time. once it clears its happy to rev cleanly again. is it possible that the mid range/low range fuelling is way rich? it will also start with no choke. or is a bad plug plausible? im hoping it isn't the powervalve as im led to believe this requires a stripdown of the top end to get at. another thing I was thinking was a partialy gunged up main jet/float chamber. I had this before with my kx125 and it turned out to be related to fuel going manky and blocking the main jet enough to hamper top end performance. the bike is in very good condition with a recent rebuild and the new gaskets and how clean the motor is backs this up to some degree. do any of you have any theories. id also be grateful on othe generalr info regarding the 05 rm250. sorry for the essay and appreciate any help you may offer
- a d v e r t i s e m e n t -