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Jan 13, 2001
I can get any of these 3 pistons kits for my 125 at relatively the same price. The wiseco is a prolite and should yield better throttle response, correct? I have only used suzuki pistons in the past because they were much cheaper and they of course worked fine. Is there any more performance to be had from the other pistons. Which one will last longest if maintained properly? Any experiences or insight would be appreciated.


Mar 15, 2001
You are right, the pro-lite will add better throttle response. I have always had good luck with wiesco. As far as which one last longer, I would say Suzuki or Wiesco. Vertex are more of a racing piston, as you barely have to break it in. But Ive heard they dont last as long. For the same amount of money, I would get the Wiesco over all of them.


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Dec 10, 2000
I prefer Wiseco, it is all that I use in my bikes. It does give the engine a little more snap due to it's slightly lighter weight, but it is not a dramatic difference, a lot of riders say they can't tell a difference. It is very sensitve to proper break-in, though. The stock cast piston is a good part that will work fine. The Vertex is a very lightweight racing piston that is designed for performance only, not longevity. The maximum life on them is about 20 hours tops, and you will pay the price if you run it too long.


Jan 6, 2001
I've had very good luck with Vertex Pistons and I'm surpised to hear some of the opinions that I hear here (from people that know much more than me). I can only tell you that the Vertex I used in my 99 KX250 out lasted the OEM Piston. I have a Weisco now but I can't honestly say that I notice a performance difference. I don't doubt that a better rider than me could notice the difference.


Oct 3, 1999
I would have to say, the Wiseco is the best piston of the bunch in my opinion.. But be forewarned, you MUST be careful to not rush break-in, and give the bike extra time to warm up before you ride. I went with the Wiseco, mainly just because it was a lot cheaper than the Kawasaki top end kit. Just be sure to let it warm up properly, and break it in for the full recommended time or you will cause much premature wear, or even a possible seizure.

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