Jeff Roberts

May 5, 2001
To Gearloose; thanks for the info, although I don't understand the relationship between less oil/richer mixture; I'm a former oil injection rider!! I was more concerned with getting the proper lube in the new Kaw. with Golden Spectra synthetic at 50/1 vs 32/1 or 40/1 Can someone put this in laymans terms? I'm kinda new at this mix stuff; Jeff


Jan 14, 2001
50/1 is 50 parts gas and 1 part oil. That's 16oz oil to 6 gal gas or 2.66oz per gal.

On the less oil/richer mixture you have to look at it as two separate mixtures. Air/fuel and fuel/ oil. For every ounce of mixed gas that the engine burns part of it is gas and part is oil. When you run less oil you get more gas each time the engine sucks a fuel charge which gives you a richer air fuel mix. More oil takes the place of some of the gas giving you a leaner air fuel mix. It's easy to get the fuel/oil mix and the air/fuel mix confused. I may have confused myself.:confused:

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