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Apr 21, 2000
Here's the scoop - the Tag Team MX will be Thursday morning at 10:00 am.

If you wanna participate - I'll have a clipboard under the bigtop for you to put your real name, screen name, and bike # (you must have a bike #). The clipboard will there all day Wednesday and in the morning on Thursday. Shortly after the Thursday riders meeting, we will randomly draw teams on 3. (See note below) If there isn't a perfect number of participants, we will have 1-2 teams of 4. We will then post the teams at/near the starting gate so you all can get together and decide who will go 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

The race will be a 9 lap race. Each person will do one lap then switch. So, for example, if a 3 man team consists of Billy, Thump, and Okie they would go Lap 1 - Billy, Lap 2 - Thump, Lap 3 - Okie, Lap 4- Billy, Lap 5 - Thump, Lap 6 - Okie, Lap 7 - Billy, Lap 8 - Thump, Lap 9 - Okie. We will exchange hair ties (aka scrunchies, ponytail holders, etc.) You can put it around your wrist, bars, etc.

The first group will take off from the starting gate and once they leave, your teams will line up at the end of the start straight but on the right side. When you complete your lap, you're turn left to head the wrong way down the start straight and safely hand off your hair tie to the next team rider. Then the next rider will go down the start straight (the wrong way) and turn right and go directly to the first table top. I wasn't there for the tag team last year but however that worked is how we'll do it again (anyone please clue me in if I got it totally wrong).

Everyone will complete their 9 laps regardless of being lapped or anything else. Please make sure rotate in the same order as it'll make the scoring a lot easier.

**Note - if there is over 60 people who sign up for the tag team, we will split into teams of 4 and do a 8 lap race instead of teams of 3 and a 9 lap race. This will be to keep less people on the track at once and make for fewer people trying to exchange hair ties at the same time and make things a little safer. As of right now - it looks like there is only 40-50 people who plan to participate. Please don't forget THIS IS ALL FOR FUN!!!!!

We will also need 2-3 people to score the tag team and I believe 12 (is this correct) flaggers. The race should last about 25-30 minutes so you won't be flagging for too long (plus you'll be up close with the action).

Well I think I covered most of the details. Please feel free to ask any questions or add any suggestions/info.



Moto Junkie
Apr 21, 2000
Yeah I am a little nervous about the whole exchange thing... does anyone have any suggestions/ideas on how to make it safer/easier? 1st gear only/slow/no passing is great but seems like a few people always get carried away.


Too much of a good thing.
Nov 22, 2000
Should we make a gate area for exchanges?


Dec 31, 1969
Nik.. we had it worked-out well last year, will be easier to explain there.
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