Mike McGlade

Jan 13, 2000
And help a National MXR (Damien Plotts) recover from his badly broken leg sustained in the Houston supercross. He is from PA and I think he is ranked 24th this year although his national number is 46. Anyway, if you go to his website www.plottsmx.com, you will see the link to enter for a chance to win the hydraulic moto lift work stand for a mere 8 dollars. Quite a steal for the lucky winner and it's for a good cause-Damien is out with no income until he is up and running with the big boys again. I was really looking forward to seeing him do well on the outdoor circuit this year (darn those tight SX tracks) !


N. Texas SP
Nov 7, 2001
Done. Man I've recently started really wanting a lift for the garage...... :think: .........but then again which one of you spodes doesn't want one too.
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