Aug 8, 2001
Hi all,

Does anyone know or have an information about MX or riding schools in Texas? Preferably around the Houston area.



Mar 13, 2000
let me know if you find anything badgas. I also ride in Houston at Millsroad MX and was thinking about taking some classes to break my bad habits.


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Feb 6, 2001
I've yet to see any advertisements for any MX schools in and around the Texas area. My only suggestion to you is to try to hook up with a Local pro and get some lessons. Here in San Antonio a local pro, Cole Brown, gives personal 1 on 1 lessons at the track of your choice for $20/hour. I'm sure H-town has some pros that could use some cash.

Good luck.


Feb 13, 2001
Try Donnie Hansen.

Badlands here in North Texas does some.

I have also seen Charlie Bogard doing some schools. I do not know where or when but you can try to find info on it.

Check with local tracks, they often has local pros doing clinics.


Aug 22, 2000
Larry Morton of 5 Magics Racing runs schools through out Texas and the Western U.S. Larry is an excellent instructor and has a lot of experiance to draw upon. Check him out at . By the way he lives in Houston and has schools at a private track in Dayton. Tell him Tyson Brown sent you his way.


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Aug 18, 1999
El Paso is completely void of MX tracks (comment based on my once a year trip to El Paso). They used to have them many moons ago. I go back each summer with dreams of finding a track.... but end up doing the dez riding stint. I'm going to EP again in July.

There is a private track west of I10. You can see some of it from the road... but you gotta look. It's just south of the Sunland exit. They wrap the jumps with chain so it's unrideable unless you know the owner. It may not be used/maintained anymore.

I highly recommend Zak Mashburn. He's based here in the DFW area and does schools all over. He caters to all abilities and specializes in the little guys. I attended a 6 hour vet class with 4 other riders and learned a ton. I'm guilty of going riding and not focusing on a section of the track. I just get out and ride. Zak will break a track down to sections and drill you through each of the sections. I got a flat half way through the class and he handed me his 08 KXF450 to finish the day with.

He can be reached at 254.592.5131 or

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