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Aug 4, 2000
May we now stop the debate! I recently got the May issue of dirtrider. In there 24hr test, they allowed $1500 to be spent to improve any of the motorcycles chosen for the test. They had all the top offroad pros' bikes of choice.
Practically every bike in the test struggled to keep the cost under budget. Alas! there was one. Shane Watts' KTM! Mods:FMF pipe and silencer, Tsubaki o-ring chain and sunstar sprockets. NO engine or suspension mods.
I once was blind... All that left over money will buy a lot of Fosters Lager for yet another victory cellebration. KTM=best bike for the money period! I love to see all the big companies dump tons of money into inferior bikes to no avail. I've heard rumors that the Yoshimura drz's are $30,000 bikes. Could you imagine how foolish they would look racing a stocker.
Yeah, I'm biased because I own a 200exc, but I'm right too.


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Mar 7, 2000
CANi GET AN amen!

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Dec 26, 1999
You boys are preachin to the chior. Go spread the message to the unwashed masses in the rice forum.


Apr 1, 2001
Right on AJ! I was looking at Cr 500s' and ATK thumpers back when I bought my 360, and I started doing the math: Hmmm.... if I buy Jap, I'll need an 18" rear wheel; (at least the 500 has it, but not the 250s'), aluminum bars; lights would be nice if I stay out a little late; a wide ratio tranny would be nice for hitting the power line roads; yes, I'll definately need to get a larger tank for those 50 mile loops I like to do; let's see, how much is all this going to add to the price of this CR? Wait a minute, this KTM over here already has all this stuff! What was I thinking? Guess which one I ended up with? And my friends thought I was 'high' for spending $400.00 more! The joke's on them! Pipe, skidplate, handguards-that's it,
the bikes done. One day the masses will awaking to discover what we already know: in the off-road realm, KTMs' rock! Ride on!


Jul 12, 2000
When I bought my KTM it was either buy a KTM that was ready to go as is or buy a Honda CR 250 and start throwing money at it to get it set up just right for me. It was really a no brainer. And to think they want as much for a CR 250 as a KTM 250 exc.

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