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Dec 26, 1999
I just wanted to put my thank you out for a great weekend.
Okie, scooter, Pokie, shiftless, crispy and kristy- you are one heck of a family! The work you did to put this together is invisible because you all toiled long and hard to see that there were no glitches to come up. Without your backbreaking preparation the week would never have run so smooth.
Next all the members who were there thank you:) . Every one made sure that everyone else was always around friends. I didn't see a long face the entire weeked- everybody was smiling whether they won a moto, test rode someone elses bike, or were just picking themselves up off the ground. Without a group like you this week would not be possible.
Next the sponsors-without them it would not have been possible to pull this off. the backing they gave made sure the cost would be kept as low as possible and I hope everyone left with at least one prize. Be sure to email and thank them for supporting not only DW01 but dirtbiking in general.
Thank you one and all for making DW01 what it is (now in memory forever) and ensuring that DW02 wil only be bigger and better


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Jan 1, 2001
Yeah, what he said.

Hey Old Guy,
We had a great time to, thanks to the work of Okie, his family, all the Mods, and everybody else who helped put this thing together.
Also, Thanks to all the sponsors for all the prizes they donated.
Its not to often that you have high expectations for something, and those expectations are far surpassed. :)
Were already looking forward to next year and getting back together with our new found friends.

thanks again, Walt and Eric

slo' mo

slower than slow...
May 5, 2000

out to the pantless wonder who probably is going to get a lot of us in trouble trying to scrape up some cash for a trials bike to add to the collection. Patman, thank you for being so cool about letting all of us who had never been on a bike have so much fun putting around on your Montessa. That is one sweet bike :cool: Now if I can just talk Mrs. Mo into letting me attend the school....


Sep 3, 2001
Yes, the trials bike was a blast! Sometimes at our local riding area we start at the top of a steep hill, and see who can get to the bottom THE SLOWEST without dabbing a foot. I think this would be the ultimate cheater bike for that! That bike was way cool! THANKS PAT!:cool:

slo mo, were you staying in the tent area? I'm having trouble remembering who you were (short term memory bad), I came down and borrowed Pat's bike from someone in the tent area late Saturday afternoon, was that you?

Time to go to work:(


Sep 30, 2000
Old Guy, Trudie & Eric, it was good to meet you and I have to say the cakes were terrific! What a beautiful surprise. The pheasant pate was delicious!!!
All the hard work is much appreciated. Eric, Pokie and I were watching some of the video recording last night and were very impressed with your riding style - looooking good!!!! Trudie, I admired your courage, getting out there for the ladies race. I would have been scared to death. Just think what another 4 hours of riding might do for you. Looking forward to seeing you again soon.



Pantless Wonder
Dec 26, 1999
No problem Slo'mo, Motometal, ...... (the list goes on:D). I don't think ANYBODY that rode the Montesa got off it without a HUGE smile on their face and the gears whirring as to how to fund one of their own.:think

MM yup that was Slo'mo the king spode you got the bike from. Showing a small part of why he was awarded the great distinction, he was willing to try riding a freakish bike with no seat and pitbull footpegs (right BigLou?) with over 160 other riders in the area! Granted many others did as well but Slo' mo has only been riding for a little better than a year and jumped right in to it. :) Helping to fabricate fixes on busted bikes, jumping right in to the MX fray, and being an all around super nice guy also helped I'm sure.:cool:


Your Montessa BITES!!!

That's what I get for trying to do my "balancing act" in shorts and tennies.:scream:
Check out this hairy drumstick:


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Dec 26, 1999

Okie- for putting on a great time for everyone
Scooter, Crispy, Pokie, Shiftless, and the rest of the Okie clan - for helping make it really happen.
BusterWho (aka BillyWho) - for making a GREAT product that lets me keeping doing what I love even though I probably shouldn’t be.
Oldguy, Trudy, the Kid, gospeedracer & TTRGuy for feeding me.
Mrs. Gomer – for making the trek and letting Gomer play with us.
Gomer – for helping me pull the engine from my KTM, load it in the truck, making me laugh my butt off, and the list goes on…
Rich – for helping diagnose the ill’s of the pumpkin, having your back to me at the most opportune times :eek: and for the laughs.
Mully – for pulling together the raffle, the smoked pork loin and yucking it up with me.
Offroadr – (or however you spell it ;)) for giving me a hard time about KTM’s and making a excellent fried turkey.
Farmer John – you brought me the parts I needed….for one problem, and for changing more tubes than anyone I’ve ever met.
Papakeith – for the glowy things to give out (I think I forgot a few kids though) :(
BigLou – for kicking my KTM when I couldn’t and for feeding my Montesa some raw meat. (that picture doesn't do it justice) ;)

More to follow……


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Jul 19, 2000
Big Thank You!!!

Thanks to the Okie clan for another great time at LTM!
Thanks to all the other moderators and members that helped out too.
Papakeith, thanks a million for the flag!:) I owe you big.
BigLou, it was nice to finally meet you. Super nice guy! The DRZ doesn't really go that fast...it just looks fast because of the # plate.
Firemedic, thanks for letting me take a spin on you DRZ. Let me know when you wanna trade those shrouds.:D
Bswift, hope your back is getting better. You ever get to that chiropractor??
Thump, Jaybird, Wheelie, Butterfly, it was nice meeting all of you.

A big thanks goes to Okie and Gomer for bringing the power washers! Sounds like both of them got trashed by the end of the weekend though. I'm sure we could get a powerwasher repair fund started.

Offroader, Mully, Jeff, thanks for a GREAT Harescramble layout. I thought last year's layout was unbeatable, but you guys beat it! Too bad Mully can't add.;) After our first lap of the HS, we were in 6th, after our second lap, we were in 33rd. Not sure what happened and don't care! Had an absolute blast!

Got a very cool trophy for second place in the Night Time Poker Run. Man was that fun! Thanks Okie and Thump for getting the trophy to me early. I hate that I had to miss the presentaions but we had to get home. Both the guys I was with were broke down and tired.(they're old)

Another big thanks goes to all the sponsors! Unbeleivable sponsorship this year. I never win anything, and I went home with some gift certificates, and pair of pants, and a set of grips!!!

I know I have forgotten many people...sorry.

Already planning for Cooperland. Just let me know the dates.

Man, I almost forgot. Thanks Lori and Dave for hauling the KTM back to New York with you. Thanks from me and Wayneo426.!!!

For those of you who can't remember who CAL is, this is me:


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Dec 26, 1999
More thanks!

Eric Gorr - for taking my engine back with you and for just hanging around and talking bikes and the bike world with me several times. You don't know how cool that really was.
Jeremy Wilkey - for taking my shock with you (hey I had to pull it off to get the engine out) I know it will be AWESOME when you send it back.
Thump - for all the Advil, that seemed to be one of the basic food groups.:D
SrKXRider - your little guy was a great flagger for the Junior races.
AJ, MotoParts & Wardy - hangin' out outside the hotel just talkin' bikes.
Mrs. Patman - for letting me go play with my best friends and make some new ones while you stayed home unpacking boxes, keeping the landscapers in check, and taking care of Little Patman ("989") at the new digs out in the middle of nowhere.

I know I forgot some others so thanks to everyone that went and the sponsors. Next year WILL be even bigger and better.


Nov 17, 2000
Hey Old Guy, I sent you a long e-mail, just wondering if you got it?,
did not seem to go correctly. let me know. Thanks


Jul 26, 1999
A couple of Big Thank yous

I have to thank Julius Pleaser for letting me take his YZ250f out on the MX track. That was Really COOL!!:cool: I'd never ridden one before and I don't get excited about MX. But, it was really fun on the 250f. I could get addicted to that.

I also have to thank Mike Z for walking out to the MX track to start the 250f after I stalled it on the first lap. :eek:

Of course, thank you to Okie and his family for all of their hard work, and hospitality.

Thanks to Jay, Mully, Jeff Fredette for putting together a really great HS loop this year. Thanks to everyone who helped put on all of the events.

Thanks to Eddie (TTRGuy) for feeding me and half of the people in the camp.

Thanks also to Bone and Chad for feeding me. (I'm a hungry guy).

Thanks as always to Mikeb for the supply of Coors Lights.

Thanks to DKB, Candian Dave, Farmer John, and loads of other guys for just being there to hang out with and go riding with.

Thanks to Jeff Allen for giving me a ride to dinner on Tuesday night.

Thanks to Oldguy for bringing me a US Flag to hang on my tent.

I could go on and on. Let's start planning next year now!
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