Sep 9, 2000
Ever since that thread come out I have done nothing but get on fire for bow hunting again. I went out to the range last week and tuned and shot my bow until it felt like my arm was going to fall off. I got er tuned in though:) .

Over the weekend I decided to take the kids camping and, at the spur of the moment, decided to take them to a place I used to archery hunt about 6 years ago. I had been chasing a buck that is in the 30" range and could never get close to him. After that long I figured him long gone. After glassing all morning long with my spotting scope I saw him in the exact place that I last saw him. How many times has that ever happend in ones life? I told my dad that I feel like we are old friends and that I don't know if I could shoot him given the chance.

Archery opens Thursday here, I'm not sure yet, but I might just be up there.:think


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Aug 2, 2000

I figured the bug would bite! I just went out back and took a couple shots with the bow, and it made me realize just how bad of shape my shoulder is still in!:( Ever since I augered in on it a couple years ago, I haven't gotten serious about bowhunting, but since I have room to practice, I decided to get serious. I may stick something, instead of just using bow season for scouting!:D

At least I'm consistent, a 3 inch group at 20 yards!:cool:

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