Thanks Woodsey.. Now Rebuild and upgrade??

Dec 18, 2002
Hi all, just a quick thank you and a chat. I would like to thank all who have helped over the past year and a half with my dirtbiking. From a raw beginner, who asked really silly questions and made beginner mistakes, i can now rebuild and service any 2stroke, thanks all for the help and advise!!!!
A special thank you to Woodsey who advised me to get more saddle time on my Honda cr250 before i make any rash decisions, i have now taken your advise, feel comefortable on the bike and my speed and riding has greatly improved, still a long way to go!! Thank You for putting up with me!!

Now heres wher i am looking for advise, my bike has turned out to be a 1994 Honda cr250 not a 96, but hey not too big a deal. I was wondering with all the parted out bikes currently on ebay, would it be worth purchasing newer parts off of say the 97-2002+ models to upgrade my bike? In parts such as rear shock, braided brake hoses etc Any ideas what parts would interchange between the models?? Thanks Again All :worship: :yeehaw: :whiner: