The 16th Annual Wudi Ride April 3-6

Aug 23, 2000
The 16th annual Wudi Fun Ride is going to take place at the White Rock Mt, Arkansas (WRM) public riding trails SE of Fayetteville, AR.

The Razorback Riders will host the Unorganized Non-Event at their campground on the Mill Creek Road, as it runs south out of Combs, AR off hwy 16. We will ride the Mill Creek Trail System, as well as the course used for the White Rock Mountain Enduro the weekend before the Wudi Ride.

The festivities will center around the weekend of the April 5-6, 2014 this year. Normally, the riding starts on Thursday or Friday and goes through Sun or Mon. This is a public riding area, though, so folks can start and end whenever they like, but the camp area will not be open until Wednesday evening to guests, and will close Sunday night.

The focus will be on dual sport and trail riding, with guides to lead groups of those who wish it.

This is a fun ride, and over 90 people have listed their intent to join us for the fun. The only fee is for the campground access, and if one desires one of the RV sites with water and electricity.

Come join us for the fun.

Jim Cook