The Adventures Of Canadian Dave


Dec 31, 1969
The Adventures of Canadian Dave

A few photos from our resident KDXpert Canadian Dave.


The handlebars are sharply angled on the left side to ease you into a tucked position, the rear fender spoiler helps weight the tail end at speed and prevents the rider from sliding off the back of the bike, not the mention the added comfort. One last finishing touch, the kickstand is bent at a 45-degree angle to further enhance stability. I know I'm a perfectionist. I've filed for a patent and once the process is complete I'll be able to make the same modifications available to the rest of the KDX'n public.


The lack of gyroscopic effect has always caused high-speed stability challenges with smaller bore bikes. A steering damper will help immensely but they can be a little on the expensive side. It took some ingenuity and many sleepless nights but I've come up with a number of modifications that should really help and won't shrink the pocket book. As you can see from the photos the modifications are fairly basic. Any back yard mechanic with a good length of 2x4 and a post maul should easily be able to duplicate the results.


My 2.5 year old son Kieran has been acting as my coach, guiding me through my training in preparation for the first ride. To date I've cleaned up over 2 tons of toys and I think I'm nearly ready to throw a leg over the beast. Here my son demonstrates the proper seating position for the first high speed run.


Canadian Dave Caught in the act of comparing jetting/silencers


KDX outstanding in its field.


Dave flight testing the KDX. Where did the ground go?


You can lead a KDX to water but you cant make it drink.


Well maybe you can.


Deer trails - Super slow single track deer super highways.


More deer trails - Man these things must be big in Canada!


Dave taking shower before heading home.
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