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Oct 23, 2000
Okay, well I was dreading the hare scramble I had to race this weekend, and with good reason. I had committed months ago to be Becky’s partner in a gnarly, technical hare scramble in north Idaho called the Muddy Butt. I had planned on being able to have my new bike sooner than I ended up getting it so I thought I would have more seat time to get used to the bike.

I should never have gotten out of bed that morning. It took me 2 hours to ride 12 miles of a 15 mile loop. I endoed, looped, crashed, washed out, and just plain fell over. By the end I was so tired and beat I couldn’t hold the clutch in and kept stalling; I fell over many times because my legs were so tired I couldn’t hold myself up when I went to put a foot down. I have NEVER quit a race before and doing so now did NOT make me happy. I didn’t cry but I wanted to. I feel like I bought a very expensive, cool bike that I can’t even ride!!!! I know, I haven’t had it very long, and my riding skills may not have been up to this race even if I still had the XR but I was SO %&*& frustrated!!!

I went riding at a mx track on Sunday and turned in some halfway decent laps—I can run the whoops in 3rd gear now, (I LOVE whoops!) and I was jumping a little and trying to really attack the corners. I do enjoy mx and Steve (my self-appointed personal trainer) says I look better every lap. I’m just a little irked since I always considered myself a woods rider and now I’m better on a track than I am on trails. One of these days, though, I might be fast . . .


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Aug 2, 2000
re: kicked butt

Hang in there, I've had my butt kicked by the Muddy Butt several times. I wish I coulda been there.

At least when you got home you felt like you did something, right?:)


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Oct 4, 1999
New Mexico
Sharla, don't get down on yourself too much. It took me three tries before I finished a harescramble, but it felt really good when I finally did. They are a LOT more tiring than you would expect. When I got to the point last Sunday where I couldn't pull the clutch in anymore, I'd stop the bike and rest for a minute or so. Drink some water out of the back canteen, and try to clear my head, and then move on.
Don't worry about being "fast" right now, worry about trying to ride smooth and riding the terrain. The fast part will come later. (And I'm still waiting for "later"! ;) )
You'll get there. Give yourself time.


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Oct 23, 2000
Part of it is my first 3 harescrambles were very, very easy. The ones in Airway Heights are only 6 miles long and you’re timed—you stop at 3 hours and they count laps. At the Muddy Butt, you make 4 laps and the best time wins. I am frustrated because I knew it would be tough—I’ve actually ridden in the area before—and the first day on my bike, on a somewhat technical singletrack, showed me that I have a lot to get used to and work on. I am just angry because even if I didn’t win, or even come close, I’ve always finished a race.

But my mx track times are really improving! I am going to race some more mx this summer and I’d like to be able to be a competitor in the women’s class. I don’t go big on the jumps but I want to work on corners and whoops since a good corner-er can pass a good jumper any day.

Steve had been WONDERFUL in working with me and giving me both advice and praise. He thinks I could be fast, he wants me to be fast, and he has elected himself the guy who will get me there. So next time, I’ll do better.


Apr 24, 2001
Hey Firecracker! Give yourself tons of credit...we do!! You were out there, on a new bike, new trail, adding seat time and new terrain to your experience bank. There's no other way to improve. Better days are ahead. At least that's what I keep telling myself!

I had a very similar experience at a hs on Sunday. I'll write it up as soon as I've recovered from the psychological trauma. :) I can't even blame it on a new bike or a super technical trail as the loop I was working was fairly easy and I was still riding like a newbie (oh that's right, I AM a newbie). [I joined the 'over the bars' club on Sunday, um, twice, now sporting black/blue thighs as a result. Ow!] Hang in there, Firecracker! It's early yet.

Bruised but not Broken,


Jun 18, 2000
I definatly enjoy the track more!

Trails literally beat me up (well the timber and rocks do) but I guess I still enjoy them sometimes and they're great for training. Maybe I'd enjoy them more with a 4stroke. The track is just heaven for me though, especially after a good grooming and a sprinkle of water. Getting slammed into a dirt mound isnt so bad when the dirts soft.
Firecracker, Youll do awesome in the MX racing. Your tuffer than at least half the guys out there! Stay smooth (like in your coners and whoops) and consistant and youll have a definate edge on the competition.


Sep 1, 2000
Oh good I get to post my most favorite saying again. "The MIRACLE is not that I finished. . .the MIRACLE is that I had the courage to START!" Even the best of the best have the worst of the worst days. (Should have got the Gas Gas-I rode mine for about 300 miles before I ever crashed :) ) (Kidding!) I was actually relieved when I did crash the thing.

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Jun 22, 2000
You Did Great

I wouldn't even consider trying a harescramble with my new bike....yet. I only went from an '87 CR250 to a '01 CR250. My first ride was last weekend, and between getting used to the new motor, setting the suspension, and fighting with a suspension that isn't broke in yet, I HURT. Upgrading bikes has a learning curve to it. After a couple more rides to get used to the new rig, and get it dialed in, I'm heading North for some trail riding.

Remember, a bad day on the bike (within reason) is better than a good day at work.:p


Jan 17, 2001
Hey Sharla!

Hang in there! EVERYONE has a tough time on a new bike, regardless if they admit it or not. Speed comes with time and time demands patience.

You are not alone, if you recall about a month ago I had a post "anyone ever have a bad day of riding?" I just got a Honda XR250 (from a TTR225) and the first 2 times I rode it, I STUNK! Since then, however, I have dramatically improved. I have ridden every week for 7 weeks and it certainly shows.

Give the pumpkin more seat time and work on technique instead of speed until you get used to the bike. Then LOOK OUT! :eek:


Sep 6, 2000
not finishing the race

i guess if this is whats upsetting you, dont be.
coz that recent race last sunday was the first time that i didnt finish a race.
wasnt really looking forward to that race either.
i was really so desperate to finish it, that i didnt care how i made it up that hill, i was dragging my bike up, walking it up, pushing it, and finally when some1 came to help me push it up (because i refused to back down the hill even though i would be blocking the way) i had to literally crawl up the hill coz i was so tired. i started the first moto but got stuck and got out during the second moto to finish it. terrible.
but if you asked me, now, id say it was a good experience, riding thru really rough stuff gives you more confidence, im sure you're well aquainted with the new bike by now!
i dont think quitting a race means you're a quitter or anything like that, what counts is that you gave your all. and im sure you'll kick muddy butt nxt time round!



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Mar 7, 2000
Originally posted by firecracker22

Steve had been WONDERFUL in working with me and giving me both advice and praise. ... and he has elected himself the guy who will get me there.

Note to self: Steve must be captured and taken away to a deserted island.:p
Oh sorry, just thinking to myself. Oops I'm in the wrong forum again.
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