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Aug 2, 2000
Well, it's been a month or so since Pred2 got his cast off from the last big ride I took him on, and he's been on the bike a while again, getting his confidence back. Last weekend we go up to the Great White Pine after hunting the morning and hike around the trails. Pred2 asks me "What does 'singletrack vehicles only' mean, Dad?" He is very excited to discover that these trails can be used by motorcycles! So I tell him we well make a trip back up there with our bikes to ride some of the trails.

So, the day rolls around, and we get the bikes loaded and gear ourselves up and head on up. I know it'll be a short ride, since due to fire danger the woods are closed to motorized use after 1:00 pm. Pred2 seems pensive all the way, maybe a tad nervous. He keeps asking me if there are any hard parts of the trail, I tell him I didn't remember any last I rode up there. We get all unloaded, strap on the lids, and off we go. I have Pred2 follow me for a bit, then let him take the lead so he doesn't have to breathe the dust (plus, it's lots easier to keep an eye on him). I wouldn't call these trails difficult, but for a little dude, they may be a wee bit intimidating.

For a kid on his first real trails, I was impressed! He was doing awesome, and we started climbing (the trailhead is kinda in the creek bottom). We get to a fork and decide to head south on an old fire road, which was fun since I could watch him easier and foomp it a bit over the waterbars ;) . Then, since we'd been riding for about an hour, and I knew he'd have a hard time going back downhill, I thought we'd better head back so the Forest Service guys wouldn't put the pinch on us. We head back up the fire road, hit the Sampson trail back to the Great White Pine, and then start down the hill . . .

My fears were well founded . . .

All the sudden Pred2 puts on the binders and I hear the wailing. He is not jacked about going downhill, along a hillside, on a singletrack trail. I tell him to just ride the rear brake and not to get too excited with the front, DON'T PANIC, and just keep it in the center of the trail. After about an hour, we make it back down, and he has calmed down enough to worry about what we're gonna do about lunch . . . :silly:

Anyhow, I think with some practice, he'll be doing just fine, and all the sudden I'll have me a new trail buddy. :)
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