thinking about buying 96 ktm 360m/xc any comments


Sep 16, 2001
Any comments concerning a 96 ktm 360 mxc will be greatly appreciated. I previously rode a kx 250. What about parts? Is this bike as good as the seller says? What about offset of the triple clamps to 18mm instead of the standard 20mm offset? I know there is alot of info out there from you guys, please pass on to me!


Apr 1, 2001
I have a '96 E/XC. They won't jet clean until you change the pipe and silencer, then they run great. (FMF Fatty / Turbine Core combo on mine.)
Light weight, good handling, very fuel efficient for an open bike. Power is like an XR600 on steroids. Comes right off the bottom like a thumper, good strong mid, and explodes on top.
The weak link is the front forks. If they're not booted, they'll leak, and they bottom easily. (Some day I'll have them done!)
Overall, good quality parts. A very reliable bike. It'll do just about anything you want except sky jumps. Leave that to the pure MXers'.:D


Sep 1, 1999
Man a 96' 360M I would kill to get my hands on one...They are the best bike ever made and fast as heck!!! If the price is below 2,800.00 you had better jump on it!!!! I bet you ride in New Mexico and they are the best bike to have in the desert!! if you dont buy it let me know cause I will offer him 2,500.00 for it!! Oh, I almost forgot its got the FMF Fatty and turbin core silencer and I already own it.....Got ya ;) Lets ride this weekend...


Pantless Wonder
Dec 26, 1999
Sure there are lighter bikes, sure there may be a few that are faster/better suspended/etc... but as an overall package on the used market they are really tough to beat.

If you fall in to one or more of the following areas this is a good fit.
-You ride in mostly open area.
-You weigh more than a SX125 (2001 model)
-You like a bike that you can lug or run flat out.
-You ride in tight areas and like to hit trees at high speed.
-An AF500 is cool but more than you have in your piggy bank.

The fork is easily fixed by a knowledgable tuner (I's suggest MX-Tech they did an AWESOME job on mine). The replacement exhaust system is a must. A reed spacer is pretty necessary and a #7 slide with a handful of brass don't hurt.

(Oh and if this guy sells the one you looking at I might know where you can pick one that in excellent shape..... after Dirt Week of course):D


Sep 16, 2001
I knew I could count on a wealth of information from the most comitted riders out there (KTM owners). I think ya'll have made up my mind for me. Sounds like i'll be able to whip up on some DRZ's and YZF's if I trick this bike out a little!!! Oh, to the guy who would really like to find one....too bad, I found it first !!! About riding this weekend...can't, going to Texas to pick up my boy's KTM pro jr. Also for the folks out there...has any of ya'll added a steering stabilizer and what did you think of it??? :cool:

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