May 16, 2001
Ok this thing is about to drive me crazy. Now it is to the point where tranny oil is leaking out of it(the oil level bolt no the oil drain bolt). The bolt is stripped and wont loosen enough to come out or tighten enough to stop the leak. How do i get the bolt out?? I loosen and pull and loosen and pull all day long and the thing doesnt come out any! Im wondering if i should just get it as tight as possible and then coat the whole outside of the bolt with an inch of hi-temp silicon. I never use this bolt anyways and its gonna drive me mad.

please help me, ive gota big ride planned tomorrow and i really wanna go, but if this keeps persisting I dont know if i should or not!


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Oct 18, 2000
Originally posted by KaTMandoo
Im wondering if i should just get it as tight as possible and then coat the whole outside of the bolt with an inch of hi-temp silicon. I never use this bolt anyways and its gonna drive me mad.
This will definitely work if you give it enough time to fully cure (at least 12 hours if it's fairley warm, pref. 24)
I had exactly the same problem on my 380 and siliconed around and over the bolt, I rode it like that for 2 months.
I had to take to cover off and drill the bolt out. Repaired the thread after getting the bolt out with a helicoil and new bolt.


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Mar 16, 2001
Charlestown, IN
My 125 has two drain plugs and one check plug. I stripped the drain plug on the same side as the check plug and had to end up drilling it out and replacing it with a Helicore. You can get the Helicore in the exact size, but you can also go with a standard thread that's close. The check bolt that you are speaking of is a little harder to get to than the drain plug, so it may be harder to do without breaking your case apart. I think you can get it done though...just be sure that when you drill out the hole, you have the bike leaned over so gravity helps the shavings fall out and not in. Also, fill the flutes of the drill bit with grease so it can help catch the shavings. Grease the flutes of the tap as well. If you use a Helicore, be sure you either get the 'tang' out after placing it in, or be sure it is bent enough so your bolt won't knock it off when you thread it in. If you do loose the tang in the case, I'd suggest going after it if you can. Maybe a flashlight and a magnet stick. Also, use a couple of quarts of ATF to flush out the case after you are done. I like to fill it and watch it come out with a flashlight till I see no more metal comming out.

BTW...as an afterthought, if you use a bolt that isn't long enough to reach the tang, then you won't have to worry about it. LOL...and don't ask what the tang is until you buy a Helicore kit. :)
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Apr 9, 2001
whew - i feel much better now knowing others have had the same thing happen! So far mine only weeps a bit of oil - but not bad enough to worry about. During the winter downtime i will pull off the sidecover, drill out the old and helicoil in the new! good to know you are not alone!


Jan 6, 2000
I am on my 2nd KTM and from my experiences with the stripped oil check bolt on the 1st bike, I have never taken the oil check bolt out on the 2nd bike. I just change the oil regularly and put in the predescribed qty. No worries here!!!
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Feb 24, 2001
I had the same thing happen on my 97 360. I drilled a hole all the way throught the bolt and tapped it to 1/4''.I put grease on the bit and the tap and ran the bike and drained the oil.As for the oil level plug I cleaned around it and JB welded it.I used a short 1/4'' bolt and a small copper crush washer.:)


Jul 26, 1999
My 98 250 also stripped the oil level bolt. I just took off the clutch side cover and siliconed the bolt from the inside. Now I just put in the recommended cc's of oil and forget about it....

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