Jun 18, 2022
Looking for some input from some of you motocross veterans. I bought a YZ450F from a local dealership a few months back. Come to find out I bought The late Marty Smiths bike. The last bike he built before he passed. I don’t believe it was a bike that he raced. I believe it was his personal bike. I do have proof that he owned the bike. I also have a letter from the motocross hall of fame confirming. I bought the bike because I had a itch. I scratched the itch and it’s time to move on. This is definitely a thoroughbred. It’s very fast and extremely powerful. Way too much bike for me. Im wondering what would be the best way to sell this bike? Does it make it more valuable because it belonged to a three time winning champion? It has a little over a hundred hours on it and it’s in great condition. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks
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