Jun 4, 2001
97 KDX220-For the second time in a year, I get the hole shot at a H/S, but before I get to the first turn my throttle cable snaps. I had a spare, put it in and got two laps so I'll get some points for year end but:(

What am I doing wrong? Last year it broke at the twist grip right at the sharp bend, so I replaced the little plastic guide along with the cable. I lub the cable about every other race with cable lub and one of those injector adapter thingies and keep the area at the throttle tube well greased.

I had a few hairs on the cable when I lubed last but thought it would be OK, but I didn't check the bottom (at the carb). This time it broke at carb. I've never had problems in the carb area before and didn't check that. I don't remember ever having cable "problems" on other bikes.

I did a search and found a warning about some wear or something at the tube leading to the carb and I'll be checking that out.

Any ideas? One lub better than the rest? Better lub technique? Common problem?


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May 3, 2000
Not sure how common it is, but I have had a KDX cable break near the carb once.

If you are regularly breaking cables, it may be you have routed the cable incorrectly and are putting some unnecessary strain on it.  You might check out somebody else's KDX and make sure your cable is routed just right.

FWIW, the stock cable is probably inferior in quality to what the aftermarket offers.  There are some companies that have upgraded cables at slightly more cost.  I had a dealer order me some 'T2 Terminator' cables for my CR from Motion Pro.  Their web page does not show a KDX application, but I'll be it is available.  You might call them or check with other sources for a top quality cable.  www.motionpro.com

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Nov 19, 2002
mine frayed more than 1/4 the way through, and stuck down at the carb and at the throttle assembly. I replaced it with a motion pro that I got for 12.60 on rockymountain atv. My throttle cable was routed fine too. I think it would be a common problem because of the 90 degree bend in the throttle assembly.


Mar 30, 2002
I was trail riding and the cable stuck twice when I was in higher revs. At the top of the carb where the cable makes a 90 degree bend, into that plastic cap that screws off, the cable tends to fray. Some say there is a ruff weld in there but we didn't or I should say couldn't find anything. But you could put your ear next to the carb and hear it scratch as you twist the grip. We took it all apart and use a cable luber and greesed up near the throttle and the carb cap. After it was back together you couldn't hear it so I guess that fixed it.
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