Aug 16, 2004
Definitly O-ring (or X-ring or whatever fancy crap they have out there now). They last FAR longer than std chains, especially in muddy conditions.

Go for a steel rear sprocket, will outlast 3 aluminum ones, and cost 1/4 as much while doing it. Primary Drive has decent stuff for really low prices.

As for gearing, it's all a personal preference. I ride up in the revs, so I went with 12/49 gearing.


Oct 21, 2006
a smaller front sprocket will rap out the motor a lil faster - if you need more bottom end power cheep- try a 2-3 teeth smaller-
a renthal aluminum rear is a great sprocket and lighter- but i like the steel ones, they last as long as the chain is new as well
primary drive -from rocky mountain atv is a good product-,
if your chain is wore out -the (center rollers) it will ware out any sprocket-
i wouldnt bother with a o ring- i used them- they ware out just like other chains-people just dont realize it-- its the inner rollers that go bad ,and ruin sprokets,
o-ring chains are a little wider and add weight, keep a lil penatrating oil on it ,and youll be fine-
i dont use the chain wax- it just lets sand and, dirt build up on the chain ,and ware it out faster,and gets all over the rim,and wheel
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