Oct 9, 2000
Well i bought a '90 KDX 200 last week and absolutely love it, ride it every day and all that and am getting used to it, but i was on a trail and hit a dead end but decided to keep going...big mistake ;) I spun on a slippery rotton tree branch and tipped it, but hey, it happens, right? Anyway i got it up, started fine, but on my way back out it seemed like the bike had a lot more power, i went to shift down to first but was already there (thought i was in 2nd). Whats with that? Is it just me, or was it because i was riding it easy then gave 'er or something else?

Thanks for any input. Also, a lot of crap/carbon or whatever comes out of the silencer, but it has not fouled a plug yet (also it has a 9 in it). Does it need to be adjusted in any way?

Canadian Dave

Super Power AssClown
Apr 28, 1999
The black junk coming from your silencer is mostly unburned fuel and is a good sign your jetting is too rich. It would be worth your while to remove the carb clean the internals with carb cleaner and determine what your present jetting is. Have a look at the carb tuning guide on the JustKDX site and go through the instructions. You'll find a like below.

If you run into trouble let us know and I’m sure you'll get the help you need.

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