Jul 18, 2007
ive got milky fluid coming out of the crankcase overflow so im pretty sure my water pump seal is bad. i just switched case covers and used the seal that was in the case i bought(used). turns out it was bad...

does anyone have any helpful tips on taking them out without destroying them? the one from the case i had on before was good so im planning on using that one. i dont think i can push it out from one side because the case is on the backside of it.


Jul 15, 2007
if you dont want to reuin it:
1) pry it out evenly with a dull flat head screwdriver.
2) Go from the opposit side and hit it out with a socket that is a little smaller than the OD of the oil seal.
3) Heat up the case and pry out the seal.(heating will make it come out easier)

If you dont care about destroying it:
1) drill 2 holes opposit eachother in the metal race of the seal then screw in a screw in either one and attach a wire to the screws. Attach the wire to something you can pull with and just pull it out.
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