Mar 6, 2000
Bearings for your KTM, Husa, TM, GasGas are tough to find at auto parts stores, even though the guy behind the counter will bust his butt trying to match it up, he will most likely fail in his search.

Try a professional bearing house like Purvis Bearing, Motion Industries, Applied Industrial Technologies, or any other that you may find in your town. Just take your bearing with seals to them so these guys can find the numbers on them or match them up. Seals are a bit harder and you probably will have to buy them from the bike shop.

In your search for bearings, Im not saying not buy them from your favorite dealership but the prices that KTM charges for them (any brand really) are outrageous. Plus, I have heard of some not-so-great bike dealers buying bearings at Purvis and selling them at the dealership for the KTM marked up price! Oh, for shame!!

Anyway, if you are not in a big hurry, use your local bearing house for your bearings. They may not have them in stock, but they probably can get them overnight.

One last tip, you can pry the seals off a double sealed wheel bearing and pack in more grease. Press the seals back on, hammer it into your wheel (lol, use the appropriate tool) and go riding.


Feb 26, 2001
The KTM bearings are (at least for my 250EXC -97) standard SKF bearings, so try to find a reseller of SKF bearings and they will have no problem getting You the bearings You need at a decent price!


Jun 6, 2000
Never had a problem with getting bearings for Euro bikes at a bearing house. Its the Japaneese bikes that sometimes use specials. You can save a fortune over stock KTM parts. I got one bearing for $2.60 that was $17 from KTM!
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