Feb 22, 2001
I have a 2000 220 kdx, fmf gnarly pipe and tubine core 2 siliencer, and have re-jetted from a 42 piliot to a 45, 142 main to a 145 and air screw out 1.5 turns. Gas is mixed 40-1, how do I limit the amount of smoke and bogging on the bottom 1/4 throttle? Spark plug is a es8, ngk, alttitude is 900 ft, temp is 18c

Also my friend is having the same problem with his 2000 ktm 250, 45 piliot and a 180 main no mods, 40-1 gas/oil ratio.

Canadian Dave

Super Power AssClown
Apr 28, 1999
Hi Chad,

Just to make sure I'm reading this right: you're running a 45 pilot jet and a 145 main jet, is that right? Do you know what clip position your needle is in right now? Is this the same jetting that was in the bike when we were out?

Ya the 250 was noticeably rich when we were out. My best advice would be to post a question in the euro bike forum. James Dean seams to play with KTM jetting a lot so you might want to get his attention with a title like “ James Dean EXC250 jetting? “ You might also want to check out http://www.cycleimprovements.com. If memory serves me right you'll need to go with a different needle, recut or replace the throttle valve/slide with a leaner #7 and drop the main jet down? There will be someone there that can give you the specifics.

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