Oct 27, 2000
No experience with TOO Tech. I have had other companies do work for me and have had really good luck with MX-Tech. They have an associate in PA also. You can get the number at the MX-Tech web site to the left of this page.


Feb 8, 2001

Got back into the sport in 99 and picked up 97 yz 250 that belonged to a top level rider.Being 42 years old and out of the saddle for twenty years the suspension was all wrong for me. Read an article in MXA about Rick and too tech so i sent my suspension to him since he speciallizes in vet and amatuer suspension.Excellent service extremely happy great job great guy.
It has improved my racing and riding to the point that I,am going to get hom to redo it now that I will be moving up to B class running with the 30 year olds.:silly:


Jun 26, 2001
hey buzz bomb

I called rick at too tech and spoke to him about sending my suspension to him. He was very down to-earth guy. He has a web site (Too Tech.com) it has mag. articles written up on his service.The articles says that he markets the working class rider because were not all mx experts and he set up the bike to your ability, not like the pro shops were they target the pro riders. Check it out might be helpful.;)

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