torn inner tubes due to low tire pressure?


Jul 29, 2000
South America
I like to ride with really low tire pressure (maybe 12 lbs in the front) but have torn 2 front inner tubes lately(at the abse of the stem) due to the tire gradually moving on the rim. Does anyone else have the same problem? Maybe the fact that I also like to use liquid dish soap on the tire to aid its installation on the rim is a factor also although it was a month ago since I last did that. I plan on drilling a hole in my rim and installing a rim lock to help me solve this problem. Any suggestions about where to drill the hole would be gladly accepted as I've never done this before. Also any suggestions on what to use instead of dish soap would be helpful. thanks a million!

David Trustrum

Jan 25, 2001
Yeah I always thought the best place was opposite the valve to help with balance, but to hell with balance it’s a dirt bike, put it within a few inches of the valve or it will be hard to get the tire on. Choose the rimlock well, some types are better than others, make sure they are the right size for the tire or they will do squat. My last rimlock was from the rather dubiously named ‘General Abundance Company’ of Taiwan or wherever. It might work, but I won’t go as far as recommending it.

My foolproof tire fitment method has been learnt from countless road race slicks mounted onto rims too small for the intended purpose. It goes like this:
Take it & some beer to a friend who has a tire machine, I hate knobblies.

Easy huh?

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