KDX Racer

May 11, 2001
As I stated on Friday, my sons and I went up to Sherman to check out this new track that I had heard of call North Forty Cycle Park. We got to the track/riding area around noon on Sunday. The motocross track should not be called a motocross track.:scream: There are no berm turns, no whoops, no REAL jumps. Of the four jumps on the 3/4 mile track only one gets you any air and the problem with that jump is it is a flat land landing. This "track" is for little kids and beginners only. The track is not prepped or watered. I asked the owner if he planned to add any new elements to the track like bigger jumps and berms? He said no, that in fact he was going to cut down the finish line jump. If you are looking for a motocross track to practice on, do not go to North Forty Cycle Park, but if you are looking for a place to putt around, this is the place. Cost is $6 per bike. None of my three sons liked the track and wanted to leave and go to Xtremeland or Badlands. I told them that both Xtremeland and Badlands were closed.:(
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