Trail Riding in/near Binghamton


Jul 20, 2001
Going to Round 11 of the MX Nationals the weekend of 8/25. Hoping to get some trail riding in while there for the race. Anyone know of any areas nearby? Thanx.

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Damn Yankees
Nov 21, 2000
North East USA
There’s no public land for trail riding but there are some on private land. The land I trail ride on is owned by friends so I can ride when I want to but they don’t want their land opened up to just anyone. I can get away with bringing 1 or 2 friends but I don’t want to over stay my welcome.

The same goes with MX tracks but there is one in the Binghamton area that charges $10 to ride on. It’s a fairly nice track in all top soil (next to a river) but they guy hasn’t done much to keep it up. During the Nat’s he usually grooms it so the pros can practice so it might be in good shape that week. His son races and knows some of the pros so I expect something will be going on there. There is another track about 30 minutes south of Binghamton in Montrose, PA. This track is very nice and he grooms it all the time. His website is He charges more but it’s worth it. It is good for novice to pro levels. There is a route around all the jumps if you don’t want to jump them.

When do you plan on getting here?
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