Trailer suggestions.....3 rail Vs. 4x8

Nov 7, 2001
Ive always use a work van to move my bikes around. Im looking at getting a trailer. Id like to take as least 2 bikes with me, sometimes 3 full sized.
My brother has a really sketchy ass little trailer and he can cram 3 full size bikes on it at times.

4x8s come along in my price range, and the other benefit would be that I can haul other stuff with it. However if I was able to get an old school 3 rail, like an old quality american made deal, would that be easier to actually put 3 full size bikes on? I suppose I could make a platform for it if I wanted to haul other stuff. My better half is grousing at me about the "hauling other stuff option", thinking of vacation and stuff.

Just looking for some input, suggestions, thanks!