Aug 12, 2007
i have a 72 pdv 125cc, it is in rough shape but the engine runs good

my problem is that it shifts fine down from 1-2-3-4 and up but from first back into neutral it wont shift, so i usually just stall it out and then after a few tries i can get it back into neutral.

also i have another two newbie questions
- for the oil injections i have been just using regular 2-stroke oil (like you mix to put in the lawn mower) is that what i should be using?

- also what type of transmission fluid should i use?

thanks in advance for any help

Moto Man26

Aug 6, 2006
For your shifting into neutral,only a little pull upwards on the shifter should work or else it will go back into 2nd.

You should NEVER use normal lawnmower or weed eater/chainsaw 2 stroke oil for your dirtbike. Those oils are too cheap and can ruin your engine. You should use Yamalube or other good 2 stroke oils usually found at your local parts dealer.

And for your transmission oil, use Bel-Ray Gear saver, it works great, or other good transmission oils.
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