May 8, 2007
Im trying to plan a trip from southern California to Southern Oregon with the idea that i would be able to stay close to the ocean yet be able to ride as much as possible. My self, brother and friend really dont have any info on ohv parks and camper/party spots. We all ride dirt bikes and are intermediate to advanced riders. If any one could help with any type of info it would be awesome we are trying to go around Sept.


May 20, 2000
For places to ride in Oregon check out www.omraoffroad.com

I'd suggest John's Peak just west of Medford, Oregon. There are directions on the OMRA website. It's a pretty fun place to ride and you don't need a map. The local club keeps two or three loops flagged all the time so you can ride without getting lost. The "A" loop used to be about 35 miles long, I think it's shorter now due to logging in the area. Anyhow, lots of fun. Some hills, manzanita, trees, hard-pack dirt.
Mar 9, 2004
Sounds fun

Check the map in the above post it is pretty complete, the challenge is getting more info on each the areas. Go to the State website for OHV SRVA park info. If you have the time here are a few suggestions along the coastal route, outside Santa Barbara, hit Gorman; then go up to Pismo Beach/Oceano Dunes OHV; outside San Luis Obispo hit Black Mountain, (Pozo-LAPanza); inland to BLM Clearcreek Management Area. Next Hollister Hills OHV; Metacalf MC Park (small but fun); inland to Carnegie OHV (good Hill Climbs near I-5); then north to Stonyford or the areas above Clear Lake (Penny Pines and Elk Mountain. Others areas are in the Sierras and you indicated you wanted to stay near the coast. Also goto the National Forest Pages and look at the info along your route.
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