Oct 17, 2020
I'm an over-the-hill Pro, getting back into the sport after being out for years. I own a precision machining & engineering company that manufactures engine parts for the aerospace and defense industry.

I am starting my own line of high-performance aftermarket products for motocross and ORVs. I'm looking for ideas and suggestions from all adrenaline junkies. Everything from upgrades of stock stuff that breaks or doesn't perform well, to ideas for trick parts that the factory hasn't offered or even thought of. Not talking about t-shirts and goggles. I'm talking about serious aftermarket factory hardware that makes your machine faster and better than the one next to you at the starting gate. Engine, suspension, chassis - that stuff. Tell me what would make your ride better, or what you wish was different. What's that one thing that sucks about your bike or 4X that you would change if you could?

Give me some great ideas, and I'll set you up as a prototype pilot.

Anonymous Track Pilot.
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